Elizabeth Warren and the American Law Institute

And thousands of healthcare workers on strike in Seattle

Happy February! We’ve finally finished the longest month of all time.

I have two new Intercept stories to share this week.

The first one is about Elizabeth Warren’s decades with the American Law Institute. This is a little-known organization outside the legal profession, but wields considerable influence over how state legislatures and judges interpret the law. Warren played a major role in this group for decades, and she’s still involved, even weighing in on a heated debate its members were having were this past spring.

I looked at her interesting involvement with ALI, including a major fight she had with her colleagues in the 1990s around bankruptcy. You can read it here.


Also this week, there was a major healthcare strike in Seattle of nearly 8,000 nurses, lab technicians, maintenance staff, nursing assistants, dietary workers, clerks, social workers and other caregivers. They went on strike Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday — and while they all planned from the start to return to work on Friday morning, their hospital system, Swedish-Providence, hired replacement workers on five-day contracts so not all employees were allowed back. Some still can’t return to work today.

You can read about that strike, what they’re demanding, and how the coronavirus is at play, here.

Have a great weekend, and thanks for reading.

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