New DC-focused newsletter!

I am proud of the diverse kinds of people who subscribe to this newsletter, and I know people sign up to read for different reasons, with different interests in mind.

That said, one local reader suggested to me recently that there might be interest in a newsletter primarily for those who prefer the local DC coverage, which was intriguing because I do worry about boring my non-DC based readership with details they care less about.

Solution: a second newsletter—DC Notebook—for those most interested in reading local DC news, and funding local DC coverage. Also a way for me to keep this newsletter appropriately generalist. I’ll still share my DC stories on here, but with more local context/analysis on the other one. That one will also be primarily for paid subscribers only.

If you are already a paying subscriber here, and you want access to the new D.C. newsletter, let me know, and I’ll gift you a free subscription! If you’re not already a subscriber to this, and you become one, I will also gift you a free subscription if you want that. Or you can certainly stay as a free subscriber here, but become a paid subscriber on the local-DC one. Just no one need to pay for both, if you want access to both.

Thanks, and I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving