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What is Rachel’s Notebook and why should I support it?

Hi, I’m Rachel Cohen, a freelance journalist covering topics in government and politics for outlets including the Intercept, the Atlantic, Washington Post, and Slate. In my writing, I keep a close eye on issues like charter schools, abortion rights, labor unions, and progressive movements.

In recognition that it’s hard to keep up with news and the zillion links posted online every day, I’m starting a newsletter to share my recent work, from across a variety of outlets.

You can help support this work!

It’s not exactly breaking news that the economics of journalism are increasingly grim for writers, especially independent reporters like me. The amount it costs to collect information is often significantly greater than what one can earn for publishing that information. Nothing feels worse than saying no to covering a story because you don’t think you’ll be able to earn enough to justify the time spent doing the reporting.

A monthly or annual contribution would go a long way to helping me avoid having to make those choices. The newsletter will be free, but for paid subscribers, I’ll provide exclusive extras, like previously unpublished details and interviews. And endless gratitude.