How 22,000 state employees just secured collective bargaining rights

And a Q&A with the new editor of The Forward

Today at The Intercept I have a story that looks at an encouraging trend in labor that has received surprisingly scant coverage in national media. In June, lawmakers in Delaware and Nevada passed legislation granting collective bargaining rights to 22,000 state employees. Colorado is expected to follow suit next year, for an additional 26,000 state workers.

The piece takes some stock of where things stand for unions one year since Janus v. Afscme. The losses haven’t been as immediately devastating as many unions feared, though the hard times may still be yet to come, especially as more workers retire.


Last week I also had the chance to interview Jodi Rudoren, the incoming Editor-in-Chief of The Jewish Daily Forward about how she is thinking about her new role. It was an interesting and frank conversation, and you can check it out in Jewish Currents here.