What is Rachel’s Notebook?

Hi, I’m Rachel Cohen, a journalist based in Washington D.C.

In April 2022 I started working at Vox as a senior reporter covering social policy. Prior to that I spent about five years as a full-time freelancer, and for three years before that I worked at The American Prospect magazine.

You can read some of my best work here.

I launched this free-to-read newsletter in 2018 in recognition that it’s grown so difficult to keep up with news, and the many, many links posted online every day. This is to more easily distribute my reporting for those who prefer to read stories via email. When I was a freelancer, some readers voluntarily donated money to help make the grim economics of independent journalism more stable. I canceled those generous contributions when I joined Vox, and strongly encourage directing funds to other freelancers and your local news outlets.

Thanks for visiting! If you sign up, I promise not to clog your inbox.

Lastly, if you have ideas on topics I should be paying attention to and potentially reporting on, shoot me a note any time.

Email: rmc031@gmail.com
Call/Text: 202-681-6194
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Rachel Cohen 

Senior Policy Reporter at Vox. @rmc031 on Twitter/Instagram.