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Hi all, Happy December. Can’t believe the year is almost done, and mine will actually be ending a little earlier as I’m headed to Australia next week…

November 2022

Six for six in 2022! In red, blue, and purple states
Hi everyone, I wanted to share my final piece before the midterm elections, a look at how education issues have been playing out. I published a story in…

October 2022

or, what are the risks of hiking interest rates?
and a wild impeachment effort in Pennsylvania for Philly's twice-elected DA

September 2022

Hi! September is flying by and I have to say the weather this month has been A+. I had some stops recently in Boston, New York City and Philadelphia and…
Also, do Republicans have a plan if they win in November?

August 2022

(and other thoughts on where we're at post-Dobbs/pre-midterms)
Hi all, Last newsletter that went out was about the upcoming referendum in Kansas. By now probably most of you have heard that supporters of…

July 2022

and why you might finally stop receiving campaign texts you didn't sign up for
and a look inside the Democratic debates about responding to Roe's overturn